About  us

   P. intercontinental's history dates back to World War II, the founder of our company  Mr. Sathorn, started a job as a gemstone cutter,right after the end of the war,in a small factory in Thailand. His goal was to acquire all experience in cutting flame fusion synthetic stones in this factory he worked for, it took all of his time and dedication. After so many years his hard work paid off,he was then able to be on his own.  

    In 1952,he started his own factory in Bangkok, Cutting Ruby , Sapphire, and synthetic stones with only one employee and himself. He began supplying his product to all gemstones dealers around the world. His company has been growing since day one and his total sales increase every single year.

    In 1979, Mr. Sathorn   established in Los Angeles, California, P. Intercontinental, Inc. a branch of the main company so that he could market his gemstones worldwide. During the past 50 years the company has made progress and change, today our corporation  is one of the world's most respected and well known stone cutters, thanks to the support of all of our employees whom everyday strive to make this a more successful company.

  We also have a lot of joint ventures in most mines in every continent, as well as established cutting facilities in many parts of the world that show potential. This allows us to sell to all gemstones buyers and jewelry manufacturers around the world at the lowest possible prices.

    We look forward to continue to provide the industry with the best quality gemstones, as well as excellent service and the most competitive price.